Civil Service Quarterly 13: Editorial

Woman's silhouetted against image of data streams

Welcome to issue 13 of Civil Service Quarterly, which takes as its theme 'Data in government'. We open with a feature from John Manzoni, Chief Executive of the Civil Service and Cabinet Office Permanent Secretary, on how government is changing to exploit the vast potential of data.

Editorial Edition 9

Welcome to the ninth edition of Civil Service Quarterly. In this, the first issue since the General Election, we focus on how teams across Government are taking bold, new approaches to tackling some of the biggest issues we face, as …

Editorial Edition 8

Welcome to the eighth edition of Civil Service Quarterly. A key theme running through this issue is that technological advancements are changing the way we live and work: ‘A revolution on our roads’ explores a future in which cars drive themselves; …

Editorial, January 2015

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Welcome to the seventh edition of Civil Service Quarterly. At the start of a new year, we’re looking ahead. In this edition we examine some of the tools and techniques that can help us excel as civil servants. Within the …

Editorial, October 2014

Welcome to the sixth edition of Civil Service Quarterly. I am honoured to be taking over the stewardship of the magazine from Sir Jeremy Heywood. We’ve had a great year with over 60,000 unique users on the website. And I’m looking forward to an even more successful year to come. This edition explores one of the Civil Service’s most important capabilities: our analytical skills.

Editorial, July 2014

The summer 2014 edition of Civil Service Quarterly leads with a tremendously important issue: what the Civil Service is doing to reduce some of the dangers that girls and young women around the world face. The number of girls subjected …