David Halpern

David Halpern is Chief Executive of the Behavioural Insights Team.

What works? The rise of ‘experimental’ government.

Graphic summarising some findings in key what works area.

Public service professions have lagged behind the medical profession in using empirical evidence to guide decision making. David Halpern, National Adviser on What Works & CEO of Behavioural Insights Team, explains how the emergence of ‘What Works Centres’ can change this, and outlines the case for ‘radical incrementalism’.

Stop Thief! How data can help prevent mobile phone theft

Crime in general has fallen, but thieves are still targeting mobile phones. The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) has
developed a risk index to keep consumers informed and even prevent crimes before they happen. Simon Ruda, Ed Bradon and David Halpern from BIT show us how they did it.