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From Asda to Belmarsh – how government is attracting the best prison officers

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Just over a year after it was launched, a campaign to recruit thousands of new prison officers is close to meeting its objectives ahead of time and under budget. The MoJ's Prison Officer Recruitment Programme Director explains how they did it.

Fighting crime with better data

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Good data analysis allows organisations to discover useful information about its customers, but is also helping the Civil Service make more informed choices about how it delivers government priorities. Vicky Ranson explains how increasingly hi-tech data analysis in HM Revenue and Customs is helping the department collect record amounts of tax revenue, and shaping the way the organisation will work in the future.

Stop Thief! How data can help prevent mobile phone theft

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Crime in general has fallen, but thieves are still targeting mobile phones. The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) has
developed a risk index to keep consumers informed and even prevent crimes before they happen. Simon Ruda, Ed Bradon and David Halpern from BIT show us how they did it.