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Giving policy makers skills to excel: Executive Master of Public Policy

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Executive Master of Public Policy

As part of the drive to professionalise policy making, the Civil Service has partnered with the London School of Economics and Political Science to run a bespoke Executive Master of Public Policy programme. Jen Mason from Civil Service Learning outlines the thinking behind, and focus of, this programme and its benefits for ambitious civil servants.

Food for thought – improving the stability of global food markets

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Global Food Commodities

How can the UK affect global grain commodity markets when it only produces a fraction of their output? Ian Mitchell, former Deputy Chief Economist at the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, explains how his team applied the most innovative …

Professional value-added volunteering

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Photo of lots of people's hands being held up in the air, volunteering for stuff

Every civil servant now gets five days of special leave a year to volunteer. In this article, Andrea Lee, Deputy Director of Strategy at the Department of Health, shows how government economists and analysts are using their professional skills to volunteer in an impactful way – helping third sector and public sector organisations in need of their particular expertise and experience.